Intercultural and Inclusive Day-Care Centre

Our intercultural and inclusive day-care centre is supposed to be a meeting place, a house of cultures, for children and parents with and without migration background. The centre is a place where learning and education optimally support and accompany the children’s self-education and spirit of research, where experiences and identities of different cultures have their place, where parents may communicate and exchange irrespective of religious and cultural borders. Families are kindly invited to experience and participate in the everyday life of our institution.

Why this project?

For many generations our society has been influenced by people of most different nations and cultures. We intend to take this diversity as a chance and to build a bridge between these cultures. In Germany, Pluriculturalism can become a resource.
Necessarily, children with or without migration history must be prepared to live in a community where people of different birth and different cultural background meet. The culture, where people live in, influences their value system and also determines attitudes towards something new and strange, towards other values and ways of life.
Children with different conditions and experiences will meet in our institution, too. This fact will involve a manifold enrichment but also holds the potential for conflict. We aim at helping the children to develope abilities and skills they will need for social and cultural life in our community – regardless of their origin.
Cultural, ethnical and religious diversity is neither being negated nor only seen as a problem, but it is a starting point for learning processes. We emphasize the chances entailed by this diversity.
This point of view includes to accept, learn to live with and be enriched by other cultures including their norms, values and rules. Additionally, you need to find your own way of life and your own identity by tolerating and respectfully dealing with different moral concepts.
First of all, adults have to live acceptance towards otherness. Exactly at this point in every-day life, in daily interaction, we start our intercultural work. Therefore, the team bases its daily work with the children and the cooperation with their parents on openness, acceptance, empathy, tolerance, respect, and appreciation of manifold ways of living. A day-care centre especially suits as a place where children and adults with different birth, nationality, culture and religion can naturally meet. Openness and respect for other cultures as well as keeping the own cultural and religious identity determine life in this institution.
We see integrative work and inclusion (meaning participation and education for all children) not only in the context of migration and disability. We also consider the variety of childish development including individual competences and behaviour. Diversity is normal; all children have the same rights.

Our non-profit association does not focus on one religion. Our independence opens doors for everyone.

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